Short books and Chapters

  • Enlightened Agriculture

    in Grow Small and Think Beautiful, edited by Stephan Harding, Floris Books, 2011

  • Foreword to

    Participatory Research and On-farm Management of Agricultural Diversity in Europe

    report by Michel Pimbert. International Institute for Environment and Development, 2011

  • Enlightened Agriculture and the new agrarianism

    in The Future of Animal Farming: renewing the ancient contract. Edited by Marian Stamp Dawkins and Roland Bonney. Blackwell Publishing, Oxford, 2008

  • Science, Religion, and Me Personally

    in The Pari Dialogues. Volume 1: Essays in Science, Religion, Society, and the Arts. Edited by F David Peat. Pari Publishing, Pari, 2007

  • Animal Welfare and the Ideal of Europe

    in Animal Welfare. For the “Ethical Eye” series of the Council of Europe, Strasbourg, 2006

  • Feeding people is easy

    in Public Health Nutrition. Volume 8 (6A) September 2005

  • Food for the Future

    Dorling Kindersley, London, 2002

  • Cloning: who has the right to do what and to whom?

    in Ethical Eye: Cloning. Co-ordinated by Anne McLaren.
    Council of Europe Publishing, 2002

  • Problems of genetic engineering

    in A Century of Mendel. Ed. Robert A Peel and John Timson.
    The Galton Institute, 2001

  • Functional Food and Pharmacological Impoverishment

    in Future Food. Caroline Walker Trust, London, 1999

  • The end of the noble savage

    in The conscience of Europe. Ed. John Coleman. Council of Europe, 1999

  • Moral Mysteries

    Ed. David Jays, Royal Shakespeare Company, 1997

  • Science for Conservation

    Zoological Society of London, 1990

  • The Rise and Fall of Homo sapiens sapiens

    in Evolution and Extinction. Phil. Trans. R. Soc. Lond. B 325, 479-488 (1989)